Delirious 11

Delirious 11

20th October 2018 0 By Ian Cunningham

The legendary Delirious demo series marks a welcome return of the legendary c64 coder ‘Raistlin’.  The demo starts off with what I can only assume is actually Raistlin in bed back in 1992.  It looks like he is enjoying his nap time a little too much as the year counter starts to click forward as the years go by and before we know it, it’s 2018 and its time to get out of bed and code a new Delirious demo for the scene to enjoy.

And so onto the demo…

A nicely little sequence of 3 red raster bars move in and then the logos are displayed, each one changing one character block at a time.  The 1st real part is the credits section, what each person has done is static in black with their name being drawn in on top.

The next part is called “Headache”, its mainly to show the artwork and has a simple animated circular sprites moving in a nice sinus pattern.  Following on comes the “circle-scroll” part which features a large ‘genesis project’ logo swing left to right with what I believe is a hi-res bob scroller on top.  The scroller is circular hence the name, it also feature priority for the scroller with some character appearing behind the moving logos and some appearing in front of the logos.

Next, a nice bitmap ‘eye’ is displayed for a few seconds and then some character and colour animations are projected in the same shape as the previous bitmap image.

Back in Delirious 10, Raistlin showed us a helix scroller, now some 27 years later he shows us the improved version using hi-res sprites with priority so that they scroll across the screen going behind and in-front of the onscreen helix graphic, my only complaint is that  is does not last long enough.    Time for the greetings section, here we have 4 rotating stars with the greetings over-laid on top.

I don’t really know what to say about the next part, its called “wavey planet” and features a planet shaped object swinging across the screen.  It contains several small coloured helix graphics scrolling inside the planet.

The 2nd last part is a simple black screen with a full screen up-scroller which is also located in the top and bottom borders, there is a nice font used to tell you who has drawn and composed what parts of the demo.

Wow, what a finish.  I originally though the c64 was just continually loading the next section of the image from the disk-drive and looping around and give the impression of an endless scrolling bitmap.  I have since found out that it is VSP that is being used to scroll the bitmap and it is looped to continue.  Genius.

So, did I like the demo, yes, but I just wish that some of the parts were displayed a little longer.  Still I wish I could code even 10% as good as Raistlin so I could get on and finish some projects.  I am really looking forward to numbers 12, 13 maybe 14 who knows.

Below is a you-tube capture of the video, enjoy.

Delirious 11