Windows Fall Update 2018 …

Windows Fall Update 2018 …

21st October 2018 0 By Ian Cunningham

….and how to stop it deleting your valuable data.

Microsoft have pledged to release 2 updates per year for windows 10.  The recent one called “fall update” was supposed to be release around the 16th October and for some it was ok and everything was fine, but for what sounds like the majority of users the update has not gone to plan and has actually deleted user personal data.

I have a fairly simple solution to prevent this from happening.

Firstly, as everybody always tells you, you should make regular backups of your documents, pictures etc. just in case this scenario happens to you.  Good advice, but in practice not many people actually do this or even give it any thought until it’s too late.

My preferred method is to separate the operating system from your data, then when the operating  system is updated, in theory your personal files are nowhere near the system files.

As you can see from about, the operating system has its own partition and my data has its own called work.  If you do things this way then you must also change the default locations for your documents, music, pictures and videos.

To do this, open the file explorer and the  right click on each item and select properties.

The properties box will be displayed, along the top of which is a tab labelled ‘location’, click on this and then select the move option and navigate to your “work” partition is located and then find the folder for Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos.