Carlisle Comic Con 2019

Carlisle Comic Con 2019

31st March 2019 Off By Ian Cunningham

Saturday 16th March.

I arrived around 10am along with the other hoards of cos-players and movie fans not knowing what to expect.  This was my 1st convention in Carlisle, previously i have attending the memorabilia conventions at the NEC which were huge in comparison.

Although it was only in a single ‘room’ everything was well laid out and easily accessible. 

I am a sci-fi fan, Blakes 7, star wars, Babylon 5, firefly etc, so i was not expecting much to catch my eye and i was about right with my expectations.  I did find a really nice R2D2 journal that i will find a use for.

I was somehow convinced to go and sit in a harry potter talk from two of the actors, i may sound a little surprised by this so let me state one thing :  I HAVE NEVER SEEN A HARRY POTTER MOVIE, so as you can imagine most of the questions and pictures meant nothing to me.  However the 2 actors James and Tobor were genuinely nice people and kept the crowd entertained for the whole hour.

Below are some pictures taken at the event by myself and my good friend David.