Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

14th March 2019 Off By Ian Cunningham

The film starts with ‘veers’ having another lucid dream come nightmares.  We then find out that we are on the home planet of the krill civilisation and that she is one of their trained warrior’s but for some reason has no memory of her previous life.   After a quick sparring session with her section commander, played by jude law, we are informed that even with all her training she is still to emotional and cannot control her feelings which lead her to use her powers.

For this reason she is sent to visit the supreme AI who rules the krill.  The AI appears to everyone in a different form making it seem almost spiritual.   She is told that she must learn to harness her emotions before she can move forward.  ‘Veers’ insists that she is ready  despite what everyone has said.  The AI then informs her that she will soon be going on her 1st mission.

One of the krill spies has been uncovered by their enemies the scrawl.  The mission is a simple search and rescue and therefore should be quite straightforward.  3 krill battleships start bombarding the planet as a diversion whilst the covert team slip in un discovered.    As Admiral Acbar exclaimed “it’s a trap” and as the team are attacked you learn that it was all to capture ‘veers’. 

Next we have the usual captured hero being mind probed for information causing flashbacks and memoriesstart  to come flooding back. said hero breaks free and kicks a lot of alien butts, escapes and the action moves to Earth. 

‘Veers’ falls from the alien ship into a blockbuster video store.  This section of the movies places it in the late 80’s to mid 90’s.  We are introduced to 2 new characters that go by the names of Phil Colson and Nik Fury,   Only this Nick fury still have both eyes.  We next have a small shoot out followed by a chase across the city.  During this we discover that the Skrull can shapeshift into anyone or anything that they have seen, even down to recent memories.  There is a humorous fight on the subway train involving ‘veers’ and a sweet looking old lady, much the shock of the other passengers who try to hold her back whilst the old lady escapes.

Its during this sequence that we see Stan Lee’s final cameo.

The film picks up its pace slightly, we see ‘veers’ meeting up with Nick Fury as she attempts to re-connect with her missing past from the flashbacks she keeps having.    Eventually this leads her to meet her old flying  buddy where she learns about her ‘death’ during a test flight.  After another run-in with the Skrull’s we discover that it is the krill that are the aggressive bad guys in this story.  The krill are hunting down and killing all the Skrull’s in the galaxy after the would not submit to their rule.  It was also the krill who ‘kidnapped’ he six years ago after shooting her down in the experimental craft she was flying with its creator.  It turns out that the creator of the experimental craft was a peace loving krill who was hiding on earth trying to develop a means for the Skrull to escape to a new planet in another galaxy.  With this new knowledge she decided that she is no longer a krill warrior, but she is now ‘Captain Marvel’ defender of the innocent.

With her new friends, they travel to the creators lab which just happens to be a krill cruiser in orbit with a cloaking device to keep it hidden from everyone.  Not long after this, ‘veers’ old combat unit arrives to take her back to krill.  After an impressive fight she beats them back, the Krill commander orders 3 krill battleships to annihilate the earth from orbit.  As they start launching their massive missiles ‘Captain Marvel’ comes to the defence of Earth, destroying them all, then destroying one of the battleships and forcing the remain krill to retreat.    With the krill gone, Captain Marvel decides to help the Skrull find a new world to live safely but before she goes, she give Nick Fury a special pager and says that he an only use it for special occasions.

After she has gone, we see Nick Fury in his office explaining to Phil Colson that he believes they should start looking for more superheroes just in case they are needed in the future. 

The movie itself is good, lots of good sequences, some played for laughs and other very serious.  Keep an eye on ‘Goose’ the cat as he has some of the best scenes in the latter part of the movie and he is also the reason Nick Fury loses an eye. 

My only complaint about the movie is that rather then being the final movie before end game, it should have been much earlier, maybe just after the 1st Captain America movie, this would have made more sense but i suppose you could always watch them in a different order to the order they were filmed and release.